A program for managing payrolls for individuals or companies


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NySWin is a management tool for people and companies who have to organize payrolls for workers and present the official copies to the Social Security office to adjust them according to current legislation.

The program includes all the necessary documents for the entire process, including: the TC-1 and TC-2 series, the TC 2/3, the TC 4/5, withholding documents: 110 y 190, the Withholding certificates, and severance pay documents (among many others).

Once you finish with any of these documents, you can choose to print them directly or send them in PDF or Excel format depending on which one is more appropriate for the document.

The program's interface is outdated and is actually reminiscent of old operating systems. Plus, due to the enormous number of options, tabs, and windows, you'll need a good tutorial in order to learn how to use it properly.

NySWin is a pretty interesting tool for the people and entities mentioned in the first paragraph, but any other person won't find any use for it at all.

The demo doesn't let you keep the program updated.

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